Essential Sight Vocabulary

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Author(s) : Peter Clutterbuck
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Each day students learn new words as part of their classroom programme, recognise words from their increasing vocabulary, or encounter words that will help them read fluently.

This three-book series supports these processes by providing high-interest activities with instructions that can be followed quickly and easily. Students are engaged in the process of seeing, discussing, defining, understanding and using words in spoken or written language.

As a series of three books, Essential Sight Vocabulary can accompany students’ learning at a level and pace appropriate to the individual. Each book is divided into three learning levels with a further section providing revision and consolidation activities. Teachers are able to record and comment on student progress.

Essential Sight Vocabulary can be used:

  • By classroom teachers of primary grades who wish to enrich the vocabulary skills of their students in everyday class work or homework assignments
  • As a remedial tool for students experiencing difficulties in written and spoken language
  • As a resource for students learning English as a second language

For students to develop an adequate working vocabulary to cope with the demands of modern communication, the skills of word analysis, synthesis, control, usage and meanings are necessary. It has been claimed that there are a number of essential elements needed for basic sight-word instruction. Among these can be included: seeing, discussing, defining, understanding and then using the word in spoken or written language.

Book A: The Basic Words
Book B: Everyday Words
Book C: Words For Reading Competency

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