Educational Strategies for Gifted Children


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In any field of knowledge, readers have a wide array of terms, facts and information to understand so that they can manipulate the knowledge and use it. Gifted education is one field that impacts upon many facets of teaching. This handbook has been created as a springboard to help you address various issues.

The purpose of this book is to provide readers with a perspective related to the identification and development of the gifted student within the mainstream classroom. It examines the intellectual and emotional needs of gifted children together with the way in which the teacher (utilising the support of the parent and the community) can nurture, enrich, enhance and extend the gifted child.

The discussion will enable readers to identify the intellectual and emotional needs of gifted and talented children, and to examine the difficulties encountered by gifted and talented children and their teachers. Readers can create, implement and evaluate educational programs to assist gifted and talented children to develop their gifts, and will develop an understanding of the role of parents and the community in the education of gifted and talented children.

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Author: Diana Whitton; Age Suitability: All

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