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Environmental issues have never been as prominent or urgent as they are in the 21st century. The Eco World Savers series aims to create awareness of these very contemporary issues so that students might better understand the possible consequences and challenges that lie ahead for human society.

By providing an extensive range of facts across a wide range of environmental topics, the series provides a broad knowledge base of global and New Zealand environmental issues, as well as supplying photocopiable student worksheet tasks in addition to hundreds of suggested learning activities in language, maths, science, social studies, art and design, research skills, and many more. The wide range of subjects covered and exercise types allows users of the resources to work through them systematically or dip into selected areas as required.

Diverse, broad, and relevant, the Eco World Savers series is an ideal entry point to study of these increasingly important issues.

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Eco World Savers: Recycling, Eco World Savers: Global Warming, Eco World Savers: Sustainable Development, Eco World Savers: World Energy Issues, Eco World Savers: Reducing Carbon Footprint, Eco World Savers: Set (5 Books)