ISBN: 9781906610494

Eating Disorders Pocketbook


ISBN: 9781906610494
Author(s) : Pooky Knightsmith
SKU: 9781906610494


Eating disorders are not ‘just a teenage fad’; they are a serious mental health disorder that can affect people of any age, race or gender. Statistically speaking, one student in each of your classes is at risk. But how should you respond when a pupil confides in you about their eating disorder? And how can school staff support young people trying to overcome this type of illness? Concentrating on anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder, this Pocketbook explains what an eating disorder is and what life is like for sufferers. It identifies risk factors and warning signs, outlines ways to encourage pupils to talk about their disorder, and looks at strategies for helping them.

The final section of the book details a whole school approach to supporting recovery. Author Pooky Knightsmith has worked with over 500 young people with eating disorders. She also has first hand experience to draw on. Her knowledge and insight are invaluable.

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