Early Movement Skills



The fifth title in the Early Skills series is designed to help anyone caring for very young children, whether in the home, school or clinic, to use movement to enhance cognitive, emotional and physical development.


These easy-to-follow activities, games, musical and rhythmical tasks are designed to;

  • enhance children’s self-awareness and self-esteem;
  • increase their knowledge of their bodies, shape, size and space;
  • help acquire social skills, relationships and turn taking;
  • foster creativity and self-expression;
  • promote literacy, listening, speech and numeracy
  • and above all, to be fun!


The activities are graded from very simple movements initiated by the carer for children in very early stages of development; to more demanding activities as children develop autonomy, confidence and skills; to group activities which help to develop social skills, relationships and turn-taking.

The uses of music and rhythm in furthering cognitive skills are discussed as well as how to address specific problems.



  • Carer and passive child;
  • Simple movements which the carer helps the child to execute;
  • More demanding movements for the child to execute independently;
  • Movements activities for groups;
  • Themes for creative movement;
  • Music and rhythm;
  • Addressing specific problems;
  • Appendices



[ISBN: 9780863883781; 176 Pages]

[Authors: Naomi Benari; Age Suitability: Early Years]


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