Early Listening Skills



This practical and comprehensive manual, for professionals working with pre-school children or the older special-needs child, offers more than 200 activities in a format designed to be photocopied for use in the classroom or for carers.

Covers the basic auditory skills needed before meaning can be attached to sound.

Deals with more advanced abilities including sound recognition and auditory sequencing.

Includes materials on auditory detection, discrimination, recognition, sequencing and memory.

Describes listening projects and topics for the curriculum.

Includes activity sheets for parents.


  • Discovering Sound;
  • Exploring Soundmakers;
  • Sound or Silence;
  • Simple Discrimination;
  • Sound Recognition;
  • Finding Sound;
  • Fine Discrimination;
  • Rhythm and Sequencing;
  • Auditory Memory;
  • Listening to Speech;
  • Listening Skills in the School Curriculum;
  • Holiday Listening Project



[ISBN: 9780863883446; 288 Pages]

[Author: Diana Williams; Age Suitability: Early Years]

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