Early Communication Skills – 3rd Edition



Early Communication Skills, 3rd Edition by Charlotte Lynch & Julia Kidd

A jargon-free resource for all professionals working with pre-school children as well as for parents and carers who wish to approach early communication skills through activities and play. Suitable for use in homes, playgroups and nurseries, this inspiring book provides a framework for addressing early communication needs, including hearing impairment, as well as a treasure trove of fun and practical activities.
Special features include:

  • Exercises and worksheets with over 100 activities spanning all areas of communication from pre-verbal skills to early words so that you are equipped to meet the needs of all the children in your care.
  • Many of the activities can be naturally incorporated into everyday routines as they are built on the ways in which parents and carers instinctively communicate with their children.
  • A framework and resources to support a six-session training module for staff and parents so that learning can be reinforced in all settings.

Early Communication Skills has been a popular and widely used publication since becoming available in 1991. Now in its third edition, the resource retains its original approach to communication and provides fresh educational and therapeutic ideas for pre-school children.

Includes access to supporting online resources


Charlotte Lynch and Julia Kidd are both well respected and experienced paediatric speech and language therapists who continue to work with pre school children developing new ways of working with this client group.

[CODE: SM-0161]

[Extent: A4 / Spiral bound: 184 pages]

[Authors: Charlotte Lynch & Julia Kidd]

[Age Suitability: Early Years]

[Published: June 2016]

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