ISBN: 9781927172971

Speak Easy


This is a collection of activities that help to promote oral language in students who are very new to English.


ISBN: 9781927172971
Author(s) : Ruth Mitchell
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– Engaging Spoken-Language Activities for New Learners of English

This is a collection of activities that help to promote oral language in students who are very new to English. It is a difficult time for both students and teachers. The students are usually experiencing a huge loss of confidence as they try to come to grips with a new culture, new friends and a new language.

The activities are ordered from easiest to more difficult. The reading level has been deliberately kept as simple as possible throughout the book, with most text being within the first 1,000 words vocabulary level.

Some material is deliberately repeated in different activities. It’s generally considered that for ESOL students, new information needs to be repeated at least seven times before it becomes known.

Retired ISBN # 9780994113610

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A4 Photocopiable Teacher Resource Book – 85 Pages (B/W)


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First Published 2003 – This edition 2015

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