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Author(s) : Eilish O'Mahony
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Spell Write Right is a powerful, games-based programme to effortlessly teach students of all ages how to understand the differences between confusing pairs of words, particularly students who have literacy difficulties or dyslexic tendencies. The programme will equip your students with clever methods, mental strategies, essential skills, problem-solving techniques and an abundance of confidence to work out the differences between common, everyday, confusing words.

Who is the programme for?
This structured and integrated programme is extremely adaptable and flexible and is an ideal resource for use with students in primary school (Year 6), secondary school, adult literacy and learning support, and indeed anyone who has spelling difficulties or dyslexic tendencies. It has been extensively used in ESOL/EAL, being ideally suited to the needs of students studying English as a second language. The Programme is also suitable for psychologists, speech and language therapists, parents and all education professionals.

What is it made up of?
The Programme consists of:

  • Teachers’ Resource Book A: 128 pages – including over 100 photocopiable flashcards
  • Teachers’ Resource Book B: 128 pages – including over 100 photocopiable flashcards
  • 16 full-colour specially designed educational A3 Size Visual Word Cards (Posters), graphically illustrating the differences between confusing pairs of words with simple, straightforward, one-line explanations
  • 8 A3 Size Double-sided Game Boards (Bingo) with 16 different and engaging games
  • 100 Plastic Colour Counters

All items are packaged in a plastic wallet, convenient for storage. You can download a detailed information leaflet by clicking HERE or on the flyer image.

When will you see improvements?
Within three months of using The Spell Write Right Programme your students will:

More confidently select the correct words to use in every new sentence and will no longer feel confused.
Write stories and other written assignments with improved accuracy and increased confidence, motivation and self-guidance.
Complete daily revision exercises to monitor their incredible progress so that they can be proud of the high scores they are recording on the personal score sheets provided by the programme.
Trust and believe in their internal framework for differentiating between words that they would have previously found confusing.
Continue to thoroughly enjoy playing Game Boards (Bingo) while learning to understand confusing words in an interactive, competitive and fun way.
Believe in themselves and in their natural ability to spell independently.

Why Spell Write Right?
Have you ever wished you had a diagnostic tool to pinpoint the weaknesses of individual students who experience a variety of literacy problems or who have dyslexic tendencies so that you can help address their specific difficulties?

With Spell Write Right, through the use of our resource books, you will have access to our diagnostic tools and tailor-made exercises to meet your students’ individual needs and target the weaknesses you have pinpointed. This is just one of the many benefits you’ll gain by introducing this programme.

How will it help create reinforcement?
Spell Write Right is also the perfect resource to use in whole-class situations when teachers may be absent through illness or training days. It contains a large range of positive reinforcement activities which include word games, acrostics, anagrams, cryptic puzzles, word searches, crosswords and cloze procedures. All the worksheets may be photocopied as often as needed.

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