Diagnostic Reading Analysis – 3rd Edition

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Publication Year: 2019
Age Range: 7 to 16 Years
Administration: Each assessment takes up to 15 minutes.
Qualification Code: CL3

The Diagnostic Reading Analysis is a modern oral reading test designed specifically for less able readers from 7 to 16 years. The test is carefully structured, with an initial listening comprehension passage helping to confirm the starting point for each pupil. The pupil then goes on to read, and answer questions on, three graded passages – two fiction and one non-fiction – pitched at appropriate levels of difficulty. The purpose-written reading texts utilise vocabulary and content and contexts with which pupils can readily engage; they are supported with full-colour illustrations throughout.

Each assessment takes up to 15 minutes. No pupil has to take the whole test: the user-friendly Pupil Record points you to the next appropriate reading passage. The Pupil Record also shows at a glance which answers to the comprehension questions – literal and inferential – can be scored correctly. Two parallel forms A and B allow for re-testing, to assess progress, while a photocopiable Diagnostic Checklist helps to identify patterns of reading performance and the cues a pupil uses when reading.

The Diagnostic Reading Analysis provides standardised measures of reading accuracy (as standardised scores and reading ages), fluency/reading rate and reading comprehension. Additionally, this second edition provides a standardised measure of comprehension processing speed, making the DRA ideal for access arrangements assessment. There is also provision for informal miscue analysis and for more detailed investigation.

Components of Diagnostic Reading Analysis (3rd Edition)

  • Manual
  • Reading Booklet (for Form A & Form B)
  • Pupil Record Sheet A (Pack of 10)
  • Pupil Record Sheet B (Pack of 10)
  • Starter Kit: Manual, Reading Booklet and one Pack of 10 of Form A & Form B
  • Specimen Set: Manual, Reading Booklet and one specimen Form A & Form B

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Starter Kit, Specimen Set, Manual, Reading Booklet (for Forms A&B), Pupil Record Book A (Pack of 10), Pupil Record Book B (Pack of 10)

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