ISBN: 9781741014365

Developing A Thinking Classroom


ISBN: 9781741014365
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Creating a culture of thinking is about more than just using a thinking tool or a graphic organiser with your class. To support students in learning to think, teachers must understand the theory of thinking themselves and be able to model it for their class Trying to create a thinking class when you haven’t trained your own thinking is like trying to teach someone to play guitar when you haven’t learned yourself!

Developing a Thinking Classroom provides background information supported by activities for teachers – not students! – to work through. It focuses on changing teachers’ approaches and attitudes so they can change the culture in their classrooms. Change in education is often seen as ‘hard’ but perhaps it can be easy. With the different ways of looking at teaching and learning presented in this book, you can create a culture change in your classroom

  • What is thinking?
  • Thinking behaviours
  • Dimensions of thinking
    Conditions for good thinking
  • A thinking culture and environment
  • Some foundation rules for a thinking classroom
  • Social dimension of thinking
  • Types of classroom discussion
    Thinking treasure: Content that motivates and engages good thinking
  • Rich concepts
  • Essential questions
    Thinking behaviour: Describing, using and evaluating good thinking
  • Evaluating thinking behaviours
  • Creating your own thinking behaviours
    The role of the teacher in the thinking classroom
  • Closed attitude
  • Open attitude
  • Whoever is doing the work is doing the thinking
  • Thought-encouragng questions
    The student in the thinking class: Progress by thinking
  • Right–wrong progress
  • Better–worse progress
  • Developing a thinking classroom

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