Deluxe Therapy Mirror Kit (Revised)


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Deluxe Therapy Mirror Kit (Revised)

Stitched and sturdy in supple, leather-like material, the Deluxe Therapy Kit is professional and practical at the same time. Useful features include a heavy-duty 14″ x 10″ break-resistant mirror, a durable 14″ x 10″ magnetic white erase board, card pockets for display of therapy materials, a business-card holder, and tongue-depressor holders. An additional pocket is included for your important papers.

Use the Deluxe Therapy Kit to:

  • Display therapy materials in 6 clear card slots
  • Provide visual feedback for your client in a large mirror
  • Write items on the white erase board
  • Display cling items
  • Carry documents in a professional-looking portfolio

All materials are lightweight and stain resistant. You’ll want this high quality yet affordable tool to use with all of your clients who benefit from visual feedback and instruction.

[Code: PE-11265]

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