DAPS: Detailed Assessment of Posttraumatic Stress – Introductory Kit


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The DAPS is a self-report instrument that assesses peri- and posttraumatic symptoms and associated features related to a specific traumatic event. It provides a detailed assessment of PTSD in a short amount of time.

Features and benefits

  • A 104-item measure, the DAPS generates a tentative diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or acute stress disorder in considerably less time than is required for a structured diagnostic interview. This diagnosis can then be confirmed by a clinical interview.
  • Assesses both current and lifetime history of DSM-IV-TR™ trauma exposure and the severity and clinical significance of the client’s posttraumatic symptoms, including dissociative, cognitive, and emotional responses.

Test structure

  • Includes three PTSD symptom clusters (Reexperiencing, Avoidance, and Hyperarousal) and three associated features of PTSD (Trauma-Specific Dissociation, Suicidality, and Substance Abuse).
  • The Professional Manual provides data from the normative sample of trauma-exposed adults from the general population, as well as two validity samples: trauma-exposed adults in a clinical/community sample and a university validity sample.
  • Two validity scales identify overreporting and underreporting of psychological symptoms.

CODE: 4741-KT