Dancing with the Pen

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The Learner as a Writer

Dancing with the Pen focuses on developing effective writing programmes. It is designed to extend teachers’ understanding of the writing process and help them develop supportive writing environments.


Content Overview

  • Lists the characteristics of emergent, early, and fluent writers
  • Suggests practical ways to accelerate students’ writing development
  • Suggests effective methods for monitoring and recording students’ progress


Table of Contents

  • New Zealand Teachers’ Beliefs about Literacy Learning and Teaching
  • Introduction
  • Beliefs and Principles
  • The Writing Process
  • The Writing Process in Action
  • Forming Intentions
  • Composing and Drafting
  • Correcting and Publishing
  • Outcomes
  • Young People’s Writing
  • Organising for Writing
  • Monitoring Writing
  • Appendix 1: Some Characteristics of the Writer at Three Broad Overlapping Stages
  • Appendix 2: Special Challenges in Teaching Writing
  • The very young learner-writer
  • Writing for new learners of English
  • A Glossary of Important Terms
  • Finding Out More
  • Select Bibliography
  • Endnotes
  • Index

[ISBN: 9780478055603; 152 Pages]

[Editor: New Zealand Ministry of Eduction; Age Suitability: Primary]

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