ISBN: 9781909380721

Daily Dilemmas


ISBN: 9781909380721
Author(s) : E A Morris,
SKU: 9781909380721


Part of the ‘This is my Book about’ series

This book (with accompanying e-Book on CD)

Daily Dilemmas contains rich activities to stimulate discussion. These will help stretch children to think about situations that are not clear-cut with ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers. It involves them being empathic and thinking about how other people might feel and then finding a way to deal with the situation. This might mean they say what they feel and want very forcefully or very assertively; it may mean they say nothing because they don’t want to upset anyone else or it may mean they find a way to negotiate. So much depends on the child and their experiences. Remember not to imply judgement or criticisms to the ideas they put forward. The point here is to debate and explore and then they can make up their own minds about what would be right for them.

The situations on the worksheets are listed below and if you can look inside this book and see teacher notes on each situation.

  • Happy at your School
  • Horrible Haircut
  • Lost Fare
  • Gangs
  • No Celebration Cheer
  • Sleepover
    Favourite Things
  • My Favourite TV Show
  • Tea-Time
  • Show-Off
  • On Top of the World
  • Florida Photos
  • Sticks and Stones
  • Dreams Can Come True
  • Being Left Out
  • Reach your Target
  • Good Friends


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