ISBN: 9781776550043

Critical Essay Writing


ISBN: 9781776550043
Author(s) : Maria Gill,
SKU: 9781776550043


Writing formal essays requires a wide range of skills as students develop and organise complex ideas, think critically, identify and synthesise relevant information, and effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas. Critical Essay Writing responds to these diverse needs with a breadth of resources expertly designed to build strong writing skills. As a crucial starting point, it breaks down the essay writing task into manageable skills and offers ample opportunities to practise and apply each one, including in online contexts.
It then sets out a multitude of lessons in which students combine these skills in different ways to produce both literary essays and essays that are also important to success in other curriculum areas, such as persuasive, argument, and cause and effect essays. Not stopping at lesson plans, this truly “resource-full” book includes material for mini workshops on key aspects of essay writing, as well as numerous exemplars and activity and assessment templates.

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