Creative Play with Children at Risk (2nd Edition)



Creative Play with Children at Risk (2nd Edition) by Sue Jennings
This second edition is fully updated with the latest good practice in play. Based on an understanding of ‘Neuro-Dramatic-Play’, the book shows that play is an essential part of children’s healthy development and many children ‘at risk’ are those who are unable to play. It includes work with children with learning difficulties as well as those with developmental delay. The book includes current thinking on neuroscience and illustrates the importance of mindfulness in our work with children. Topics include:

  • creating the safe space
  • understanding and working with fear
  • understanding and working with anger and rage
  • new stories and worksheets
  • cross cultural understanding of play
  • dressing-up and enactment
  • masks and puppets

The book is written for teachers, parents and therapists, and all those who seek to enhance the lives of children.

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[Extent: 157 Pages, Spiral Bound + Online Digital Content]
[Author: Sue Jennings]
[Age Suitability: 5-12 years]
[CODE: TF-30181]


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