Creative Play & Drama with Adults at Risk


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This hands-on manual offers a clear introduction to play and drama work for professionals working with adults at risk.

Many adults feel nervous about drama and think that play is childish. Sue Jennings shows that by participating in play and drama people can make a difference to how they feel about themselves and the world around them.

Suitable for professionals working with adults who are vulnerable for a number of different reasons:

  • those who have addictions such as eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse or a history of violent relationships;
  • adults with mental ill health;
  • individuals and families with behavioural difficulties;
  • people in forensic settings;
  • those with multiple disabilities;
  • learning impaired adults;
  • people with strokes and other physical impairment often as a result of accidental injury.


Material is chosen sensitively to enable confidence and creativity building, and the development of communication skills.

Photocopiable worksheets offer the professional activities that will encourage trust and collaboration; foster independence and choice, maximise people’s learning potential and stimulate everyone’s imagination and creativity.

Ideas are given for improvisation and movement as well as masks and myths. Cross-cultural perspectives are discussed together with boundaries for clinical groups.

The importance of the healing potential of artistic expression is addressed throughout.


  • So What is this Drama Stuff?
  • The Play of Life and the Drama of Life;
  • Ancient Wisdom for Changing Times;
  • Games, Games, and Yet More Games;
  • A Little Touch of Something;
  • A Voice for All Seasons;
  • Bring on the Clowns;
  • Creative Playing between Adults and Children;
  • Drama Techniques and Strategies;
  • Play, Theatre and Performance;
  • Resources;
  • Bibliography.


[ISBN: 9780863885358, 212 Pages]

[Author: Sue Jennings;  Age Suitability: All]


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