ISBN: 9781869685621

Creative Frameworks

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ISBN: 9781869685621
Author(s) : Ron Shaw,
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Creative Frameworks is a two book series which focuses on creative thinking, problem solving and creative writing. Both resource books take a range of popular topics and provide photocopiable activities which can be used to augment in-class topic work or provide starting points for independent work in each area. Topics are supported by a teacher ideas page which contains ideas for working with the topic, ways to use the activity sheets, discussion suggestions, possible solutions and follow-up work.

Each topic featured consists of three student activity frameworks:

  • Thoughts in Action (designed to get students thinking)
  • Creative Thinking (problem solving and alternative approaches to the topic)
  • Creative Writing (innovative and different ways of writing about the topic)

Creative Thinking Frameworks Book A features activities on these topics:

  • Animals
  • Robots
  • The Sea
  • Dinosaurs
  • Space and the Universe
  • Ancient Civilisations
  • Creepy Crawlies
  • Forces of Nature
  • Holidays and Travel
  • Fashions and Fads
  • Sports

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