ISBN: 9781869683139

Cracking The Code


ISBN: 9781869683139
Author(s) : Veronica Armstrong
SKU: 9781869683139
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This book is designed to provide a comprehensive resource to explore the concepts and processes involved with DNA and its replication.The booklet contains the theoretical explanations, written activites and experiments which are designed to assist the students with their learning. Cracking the Code can be used to pre-test a class at the beginning of a unit, provide ongoing feedback, assess student learning at the end of a unit, provide a homework resource and extra material for students who require assistance.Cracking the Code will provide an extremely useful addition to your senior biology teaching resources.

Your class will be able to explore in detail:

  • The Structure of DNA
  • Base Pairs and Sequencing
  • Retroviruses
  • Terminology
  • Translation and Transcription and much more…

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