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CPS (Creative Problem-Solving) For Teens


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Creative problem-solving (CPS) is a way of thinking and behaving. When taught in the classroom it becomes an instructional method for assisting children to become increasingly resourceful, self-sufficient and productive. Much like other thinking processes, creative problem-solving can be learned, experienced and applied. Creative problem-solving is appropriate across the curriculum and can be used in any subject area to enhance thinking skills.

This book focuses on creative thinking, problem solving and cooperative learning. Spanning adolescent years, CPS for Teens provides a range of problem-solving activities based on real-life situations such as Boredom in School and Contention in the Canteen. The creative problem-solving process moves through three stages:

  1. Understanding the problem
  2. Generating ideas
  3. Planning for action.

Each activity has teacher notes and student exercises.

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