Comprehending Social Situations & Social Language


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This structured practice book provides material to give students repetitious practice in blending four skill areas – listening, observing, connecting and responding.

The repetitious style in the practice materials reinforces the students’ ability to comprehend a short social story that is read to them (auditory processing) while they are looking at a picture (visual stimulation) and in answering questions that require them to be more aware of subtle clues in both the social story and the pictured social situation. 

The goal of these lessons is to help the students make a better connection to social situations and to use more appropriate social language in those situations.  An additional goal is to help the students recount and tell about various social situations that have happened in their day.  92 pages. 

[Authors: Jean Gilliam DeGaetano; Age Suitability: 7-11; 92 Pages]

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