Common Parenting Issues (Incl. CD-Rom)


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Common Parenting Issues
Handouts for Professionals Working with Children & Families

Are you a professional who encounters children with a wide range of difficulties? Do you also work with their parents? Would you like a flexible source of information to support you in your work? This CD-ROM resource pack has been designed for you, and will be an invaluable asset to your health centre, children’s centre, playgroup, nursery or school.

Each of the handouts deals with one issue in detail.
Topics include:
– Sleep
– Eating
– Behaviour
– Language and communication delays
– Attention deficits
– Sibling relationships
– Anxiety
– Jealousy
– Depression
– Bullying
– Death
– Divorce
– Trauma

Designed as a high-quality leaflet, the handouts can be printed from the CD or photocopied from the book and either made available to individuals, or used to develop an accessible information pack for parents.

Covering the full range of issues encountered by parents of children up to the age of sixteen, the leaflets provide clearly written guidance on how to help children with some of the common problems encountered in family life. Suitable for families attending your surgery, family centre, community mental health team, school, nursery, social work, psychology or psychiatry department.

Any professional working directly with children and families: health visitors, school nurses, nursery nurses, teachers, psychologists (clinical and educational), child psychiatrists, paediatricians, speech & language therapists, OTs, multi-disciplinary teams, social workers and GPs.

About the authors:
Cathy Bétoin is a Chartered Clinical Child Psychologist. Her specialist area of interest has been multi-disciplinary support to families with children with developmental delays. She has experience of taking out-patient referrals for families with children from birth to sixteen with a full range of developmental and health problems. She is also a qualified primary teacher and parent of three children.


CD-Rom included with this resource. 


[ISBN: 9780863885334, 112 Pages + CD-Rom]

[Author: Cathy Bétoin; Age Suitability: Infancy to 16]

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