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ColorCards: Cultures, Beliefs and Customs

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This title includes 36 beautiful photographic cards to stimulate discussion on our multicultural society. This beautiful collection of cards explores the rich diversity of traditions, behaviours and values arising from the differing cultures, customs and beliefs that share our world. In the multicultural society we live in these cards are invaluable to instil an intellectual and emotional appreciation of differing cultures which facilitates effective understanding and communication. A deeper awareness will help to foster respect, tolerance and perception of how and why behaviour and responses are influenced.

The cards are based around the following themes:

  • Symbolism
  • Values
  • Authority
  • Order
  • Ceremonies
  • Love
  • Honour
  • Beauty
  • Spirit
  • Festivals

This is an invaluable reference for anyone concerned to raise and maintain awareness about the rich diversity of our varying cultural heritages.

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