Christmas Around the World: Activities and Research Ideas for 8 to 12 year olds


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As a Christian festival, Christmas is celebrated on a global scale, with many countries lending special aspects of their life and culture to the festivities.Christmas Around the World examines the traditions and customs of Christmas in some of these countries, with the inclusion of activities related to art, craft, music and cooking, as well as giving students the opportunity to research some of the background aspects of the event.Incorporated in the research component are Internet activities related to Christmas web sites, in addition to a variety of on-line references that can be used for further investigations.

“Christmas Around the World” is an activity book for 8 -12-year olds that explores how different countries celebrate Christmas. The book provides children with a variety of research, art, craft and cooking activities designed to give children the opportunity to examine the Christmas traditions and customs of other countries and cultures. Some of the research activities incorporate the use of the Internet as a research tool and a comprehensive list of Online References relating to Christmas is included.

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