Children with Visual Impairment in Mainstream Settings


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This book seeks to inform teachers in mainstream schools and colleges who are new to teaching children and young people with a visual impairment, how successful inclusion may be achieved. The text examines some of the challenges facing this group in accessing the curriculum and suggests ways in which these challenges can be met. While the book is  primarily aimed at newly qualified teachers working in a mainstream setting, it is felt that the issues raised will be of interest to all teachers who are teaching pupils with a visual impairment for the first time. Many of the more general principles will be useful to those working in further education settings. 

The text also suggests practical ways to overcome difficulties, shares advice on assessment, differentiation and how low and high technological aids can support the pupil’s work and provides a glossary of common words and expressions used in this field and useful addresses and organisations.



Christine Arter; Heather L. Mason; Steve McCall; Mike McLinden & Juliet Stone.


[CODE: TF-5833; PAGES: 62; AGE: ALL]