Changes in Adolescence

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Author(s) : Dee Doherty,


Understanding physical and emotional changes

As students begin the metamorphosis from childhood to adulthood, they need a good understanding of the changes and challenges they are likely to face. These books cover many aspects of relevant health education. They ground each topic in realistic scenarios that adolescents relate and respond to, and they offer thought-provoking activities from interviews and surveys to role plays, pamphlet design and planning and budgeting. Each topic begins with a moral dilemma to set the topic in a believable context and energise the activities that follow.

Book 1: Understanding physical and emotional changes

  • Topic 1: Being responsible
  • Topic 2: Hygiene
  • Topic 3: Body image
  • Topic 4: Puberty
  • Topic 5: Reproduction and contraception

Book 2: Understanding social changes

  • Topic 1: Self awareness
  • Topic 2: Assertiveness
  • Topic 3: Family relationships
  • Topic 4: Peer pressure
  • Topic 5: Bullying
  • Topic 6: Sexual attraction

Book 3: Managing risks

  • Topic 1: Alcohol
  • Topic 2: Smoking
  • Topic 3: Drugs
  • Topic 4: Sexual relationships and sexually transmitted infections
  • Topic 5: Sexual relationships and teen pregnancy
  • Topic 6: Impulsive and risky behaviour

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