Challenging Minds: Enrichment for Able Adolescents


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Challenging Minds is the perfect enrichment course for able and advanced students, exposing them to cross-curricular, context-based activities that would not be experienced in the usual subject-based curriculum. It’s an ideal way to engage and stimulate your gifted students!

Containing a year’s worth of creative research ideas, critical thinking and communication tasks, debates, blueprints for business and philosophical problems for secondary school students. It is a thought-provoking and tantalising collection of mind-stretching challenges for able adolescents. Each of the fourteen activities, usually completed over a period of weeks, provokes the highest levels of thinking in Bloom’s Taxonomy: analysis, synthesis and evaluation. All challenges are cross-curricular, and can be offered as independent, small-group or whole-class activities.

Challenging Minds focusses on:

  • Developing research skills
  • Metacognosis
  • Higher-level thinking skills
  • Single-task thinking (i.e. deep concentration in a particular activity)
  • Having fun while learning
  • Communicating and presenting ideas
  • Self-awareness

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 [ISBN: 9781864011869]

[Author: Lynne Kelly; Age Suitability: Secondary]

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