CCC-2: Children’s Communication Checklist (2nd Edition)

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Author(s) : Dorothy Bishop


NB: Only available to Republic of Ireland clients who meet the qualification code criteria below.

Author(s): Dorothy Bishop
Publication Year: 2003
Age Range: 4 years to 16 years
Administration: Individual – 5 to 15 minutes
Qualification Code: B

The CCC-2 is the latest version of a checklist that has been in development for 10 years. The 70-item questionnaire completed by a caregiver screens for communication problems in children aged 4 to 16 years. It can be hand or electronically scored.

Use the CCC-2 to:

  • Screen for children who are likely to have language impairment
  • Identify pragmatic impairment in children with communication problems
  • Assist in identifying children who may merit from further assessment for an autistic spectrum disorder.

Standard scores and percentiles are provided for each of the following 10 scales:

A. speech, B. syntax, C. semantic, D. coherence, E. inappropriate initiation, F. stereotyped language, G. use of context, H.nonverbal communication, I. social relations, J. interests.

Two composites are derived:

  • The General Communication Composite (GCC) is used to identify children likely to have clinically significant communication problems
  • The Social Interaction Deviance Composite (SIDC) can assist in identifying children with a communicative profile characteristic of autism.

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Complete Kit includes: Manual, 25 Checklists, 25 Summary Sheets, Overlay Keys for Hand Scoring, CD-ROM Scorer in a bag


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