Can’t Talk? Want to Talk!



Can’t Talk? Want to Talk! by Jo Levett and Stephen Street

When outgoing Lily meets a little girl who is too afraid to talk in school or other places outside of her home, she befriends the silent girl, their friendship grows, and the silent girl feels comfortable enough to talk to her new friend. 

This beautifully illustrated story book is for children with severe shyness, social anxiety or selective mutism to see that they can make a friend like Lily. It is also a helpful tool for parents, friends and teachers of children like with selective mutism to understand why these children are unable to talk in certain settings.
This beautifully illustrated story book is for parents, family members and teachers who are connected to a child with selective mutism. To be read to or by children aged 3 to 8. To be used by parents, preschool settings and early years settings.

[Code: SM-1313; 56 Pages]

[Authors: Jo Levett and Stephen Street]

[Age Suitability: All]

[Published: Aug 2015]

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