ISBN: 9781740258012

Burnt: Anti-Bullying Play

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ISBN: 9781740258012
Author(s) : Stephen Davis
SKU: 9781740258012


An Australian Anti-Bullying Play: – Research, Workshop Activities & Teacher’s Notes

Burnt tells the story of Simon, who is consistently bullied by Richard, one of his schoolmates. Set after the situation has come to a crisis point, the play explores the feelings of three of Simon’s friends – could they have prevented it? – with flashbacks to incidents between Simon and Richard, and monologues from Simon about his longing to fit in. By putting themselves in Simon’s place, students learn to have empathy for the victims of bullying, to understand that ‘it’s okay to be different’ and to create a strong network among themselves to support one another.

The play is supported by contextual information for teachers, including:

  • Background information about the play
  • Information from research on bullying
  • Suggested strategies for managing bullying incidents
  • Suggested topics for workshops and discussion, complete with advisory notes

Burnt is an ideal and creative way to introduce the subtleties of bullying education and the issues it raises with your students.

Supporting Pupil Book with manuscript available for students – see dropdown menu above.

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