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Bullying Ups and Downs? Game

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Fun game to learn about and discuss the many issues surrounding bullying. This fun and imaginative game encourages students to think about bullying, to reveal their different perceptions, and to share experiences and feelings about bullying. Use this comprehensive resource to find out what students already think and to open up a group discussion about key issues, including cyber bullying and homophobic bullying. Questions include:

  • Why do students bully?
  • What does a bully look like?
  • What is a bystander?
  • Name 3 different types of bullying
  • Who would you talk to if you were being bullied?
  • Have you ever been bullied?
  • Tell us about an experience you have had
  • Why do students watch (be a bystander) rather than go and tell someone?
  • what advice would you give to teachers about how to deal with bullying?

For anyone working with secondary aged students, this is a fun way for students to engage with the topic of bullying.

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