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The activities and approaches in the Bully Off! series are based on current thinking in the area of bullying prevention. They provide an age-specific developmentally-tailored programme that includes culturally sensitive practical lessons and activities, as well as information.

There are two books in the Bully Off! series. Book A focuses on setting up systems and procedures and introductory activities for an anti-bullying programme. Book B focuses on teaching and learning activities that underpin the development and maintenance of a school culture that has a zero-tolerance approach to bullying. Together they form a complete bully
prevention programme.

The activities can be incorporated into a variety of curriculum areas and are designed to be meaningful and enjoyable for students to participate in. Bully Off! includes segments that show ways to collect data that will demonstrate the need for a programme, and ways to evaluate the benefits of the programme after completion. The programme is created with the intention of involving the whole school community and includes staff training components.

Also included is a sample school policy along with interventions that can be used to guide teachers in their interactions with students who bully and students who are targets of bullying behaviours.

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