Bully Off! Book A: Setting up Systems and Procedures


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Building a Zero-tolerance Attitude to School Bullying

This two-book series provides a complete and comprehensive programme for combating bullying at school. The series comes with practical teacher information, student learning activities, strategies, templates and frameworks.

Bully Off! is based on current thinking in the area of bullying prevention. It takes an accessible and highly practical approach to ways of working with students on this complex and enduring issue.

Bully Off! Book A: Setting up Systems and Procedures focuses on setting up practical systems and procedures for implementing a school-wide approach to combating bullying. It also provides information and resource material that can be used with teachers and the wider school community to set out issues and involve people in planning.

Activities can be incorporated into health or life skills teaching or worked through in a systematic way over one or two terms. Implementing the ideas in the Bully Off programme will help you to build a climate where co-operation, respect, trust and communication are fostered, and bullying is not tolerated



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