ISBN: 9781877300363

Building Resiliency in Youth


ISBN: 9781877300363
SKU: 9781877300363


Building Resiliency in Youth is written for all people who work with youth. includes a brief explanation of the concept of resiliency, an outline of the factors that help to build resiliency and practical ways of nurturing resiliency behaviours. Also included are activities designed to assist the planning and implementation of resiliency-building practices. Much of the material is drawn from overseas sources and adapted to the New Zealand context.

  • Contains an approach that builds on students’ existing strengths.
  • Provides specific activities to use with young people that will help build their resiliency.
  • Encourages the use of affirmation and inspiration that solidifies learning.
  • Shows the power of the positive relationship—a reminder of the effectiveness of mentoring.

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