Building Maths Fitness

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Author(s) : Lucy Pritchard,


Daily lesson starters to reinforce learning

The Building Maths Fitness series consists of two books providing maths support and extension for 40 weeks. Each book contains 100 maths cards, divided into five-day groups to use every day for 20 weeks. The cards gradually become more difficult as the weeks progress.

This series, aimed at 10- to 12-year-old students, has been designed to consolidate, enrich and extend students’ learning and to help them become maths fit. Each book provides versatile cards that can be used as daily maths lesson starters, or taken home to support the day’s maths or prepare students for the following day’s lesson. The books are also suitable for fast-finishers or for students who need extra support with their maths learning.

Book 1: AGES: 10-12
Book 2: AGES: 10-12

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Building Maths Fitness: Book 1, Building Maths Fitness: Book 2