Building Block for Communication


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This practical book provides school staff with lots of LEGO activities to use with children of all ages (5-16) to improve communication skills. Whether it is whole class doing group building activities to encourage collaborative working or paired work to target specific communicationLook Inside symbol difficulties, this book is packed full of engaging, fun activities to suit all ages and abilities. LEGO never fails to entertain. Designed to look like play, each activity is structured to target the development of particular skills needed for successful learners, including many that focus on basic literacy and numeracy vocabulary.

About the Author
Amy Eleftheriades has 20 years’ experience working with children and young people in a range of settings as a Residential Social Worker, teacher, SENCO and as an Advisor to schools. She now provides training to schools and families to support better communication for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders through her own organisation, Alpha Inclusion..

ISBN: 9781909301375 Author: Amy Eleftheriades  Age Suitablitiy: 5-16