BRIEF2 Parent/Teacher/Self-Report Hand-Scored Kit


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BRIEF2 Parent/Teacher/Self-Report Hand-Scored Kit

Features and benefits

  • Parent, Teacher, and Self-Report forms (for ages 11-18 years) are now discussed in one manual.
  • Contains more concise scales, which reduces the burden on the parent, teacher, and adolescent respondent.
  • Features increased sensitivity to executive function problems in key clinical groups such as ADHD and ASD.
  • New 12-item Parent, Teacher, and Self-Report (for ages 11-18 years) screening forms quickly indicate whether further executive function assessment is needed.

BRIEF2 Parent/Teacher/Self-Report Hand-Scored Kit: Includes BRIEF2 Professional Manual with Fast Guide; 25 Parent, 25 Teacher, and 25 Self-Report Forms; and 25 Parent, 25 Teacher, and 25 Self-Report Scoring Summary/Profile Forms

CODE: 10964-KT