Boys in Poverty- A Framework for Understanding Dropout


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Examine the risk factors for dropout among males living in poverty, especially generational poverty. Explore personal, community and school system issues, including family dysfunction, disability, poor teaching, punitive discipline and absence of differentiated instruction. The book structures these issues into four categories of development — physical, emotional, cognitive and social — examining how poverty intensifies each. Additional chapters explore the unique problems of sensitive, gay, gifted, ADHD and post-adolescent males. Within each of these areas of development, the authors offer concrete suggestions for keeping boys engaged with school and the learning process. 

More about Author Ruby K. Payne;

Ruby K. Payne, PhD, is a world recognised author, speaker, publisher, business owner, and career educator. She has travelled extensively to present a variety of workshops based on her foundational work A Framework for Understanding Poverty and also on strategies for successfully raising student achievement and overcoming economic class barriers. An expert on the mind-sets of economic classes and on crossing socioeconomic lines in education and work and for social change, she has trained tens of thousands of educators and other professionals in seminars all over the world. 

[ISBN: 9781742397597; Pages: 160]

[Authors: Ruby K. Payne & Paul D. Slocumb; Ages: All]