ISBN: 9781741708844

Boys in Crisis


ISBN: 9781741708844
Author(s) : Paul D. Slocumb
SKU: 9781741708844


Why It Matters and What You Can Do About it

An updated edition of Dr. Paul D. Slocumb’s Hear Our Cry: Boys in Crisis explores familial, social, and media influences on an increasingly embattled population—boys.

The majority of mass killings in the United States are committed by men, and almost every mass shooting at a school has been committed by a boy. Boys constitute the vast majority of discipline referrals in schools, and they are more likely than girls to be recommended for special education classes.

While the women’s movement has made great strides for women and girls in America, our nation’s boys lag in nearly every measure, from low college enrollment to the exploding prison population. The crisis is so great we’ve seen it erupt in violence across the country. Now more than ever, we need to redefine concepts like “manliness” and “strength” to help our boys grow into caring, civil men who can be role models for their own boys

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