BNVR: The Butt Non-Verbal Reasoning Test


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The BNVR Test is a unique non-linguistic approach for identifying whether a cognitive (problem-solving) deficit as well as a linguistic deficit exists in individuals with acquired aphasia.

Recognising cognitive deficits in terms of problem-solving may be a key factor in understanding why some individuals overcome their communication difficulties better than others.

Failure to recognise problem-solving difficulties may lead to unrealistic expectations of therapeutic intervention and thus inappropriate management and goal setting. T

he BNVR requires the client to solve 10 everyday problems, presented in full-colour photographic format. It is short, requires minimal linguistic input, contains real-life situations and is likely to be suitable for non-English speaking individuals.

It will be useful to speech language therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists who need to ascertain whether problem-solving skills are affected and to assist in multi-disciplinary team decision-making in acute and rehabilitation settings.


  • Introduction;
  • Background;
  • The Butt Non-Verbal Reasoning Test;
  • Collection of Norms;
  • Validity and Reliability;
  • Conclusion


[ISBN: 9780863884726, 56 Pages]

[Authors: Pamela Butt & Romola Bucks]

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