Blueprint for Literacy Success


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Building a Foundation for Beginning Readers and Writers

A Blueprint for Literacy Success is designed as a comprehensive resource for all teachers who want to help their students get off to a good start with their reading and writing. In our market-driven society it’s important that children be competent in reading, writing and speaking English. A Blueprint for Literacy Success can help your students achieve that competency. Packed with practical ideas and innovative procedures that are developed from a strong theoretical base, it also contains activity suggestions to help children work in small groups or independently. Easy to read for the busy teacher, it contains reproducible blackline masters to save valuable time. A Blueprint for Literacy Success, at 128 pages and with abundant full colour, is a powerful teaching tool and one that can really help you to plan and budget your precious teaching time.



1. Mastering the Terminology

  • Letter-Sound Recognition
  • Cues
  • Decontextualised Language
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Metacognition/Metacognitive Awareness
  • Onsets and Rimes
  • Orthographic Analogies
  • Phonemes
  • Phonological/Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Strategies

2. Beginning with Letter-Sound Recognition

  • Heavy-Duty Letters
  • Teaching Letters

3. Introducing New Words

  • Exploring Word Meanings – Learning New Vocabulary
  • Increasing Children’s Vocabulary
  • Increasing Recognition of Words in Print

4. Getting Under Way with Writing

  • Six Guidelines for Writing
  • Strategies for Early Writing
  • Teaching Children How to Hear and Record Sounds
  • Using the Elkonin Boxes
  • Learning High-Frequency Words
  • Using Orthographic Analogies
  • Helping Children Compose Messages
  • Exploring Shared Experiences
  • Ideas for Shared Experiences

5. Choosing and Using Little Books

  • Grouping Children for Instructional Reading
  • Choosing Instructional Reading Material for Beginning Readers
  • Introducing and Reading the First Little Books

6. Putting It All Together

  • Assess Exactly What Each Child Can Do
  • Design Learning Experiences Based on What the Children Already Know
  • Help Children Succeed in Their Attempts
  • Evaluate Progress

Blackline Masters



[ISBN: 9781906926014; 128 Pages]

[Author: Sandra Iversen; Age Suitability: Lower Primary]

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