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ISBN: 9780969538837
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The Artful Science of Instructional Integration 

Following the success of Cooperative Learning: Where Heart Meets Mind and Classroom Management: A Thinking and Caring Approach, Barrie Bennet and Carol Rolheiser continue with the introduction of this book that explores the ideas of instructional intelligence.   This 384 page full-colour volume is the culmination of the author’s experience teaching and learning in the classroom and through research.

This practical book focuses on integrating a variety of instructional skills and strategies based on the knowledge of how students learn. It provides numerous sample lessons by teachers at all grade levels.

Barrie Bennet has taught at all school levels, and has worked with special needs students. He is currently Associate professor at the Ontario Institute for Students in Education at the University of Toronto.

Carol Rolheiser has had extensive classroom experience and is currently Associate Dean at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Her most recent book is The Portfolio Organiser published by ASCD.

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