ISBN: 9780863888571

Resolving Conflict Posters (Set of 9)


ISBN: 9780863888571
SKU: 9780863888571


This title provides strong, positive messages to support a determined approach to resolving conflict. Nine posters with thought-provoking, one-line statements that can be used as a starting-point for discussion or simply displayed as a reminder of a more positive approach to resolving conflicts. Statements are:

  • Build bridges, not barriers
  • Conflict comes, not from our differences, but from how we manage those differences
  • Deal with the relationship as well as the issue
  • Fight the problem, not the person
  • Talk future not past
  • Rather than argue, problem solve on both sets of needs
  • A good relationship requires mutual understanding and acceptance, not agreement
  • Start from the point of agreement rather than disagreement
  • Understanding is the foundation for agreement.

This title is suitable for all ages.

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