100 Ideas For Secondary Teachers: Managing Behaviour


ISBN: 9781408193624
Author(s) : Ian McDaid
SKU: 9781408193624

Managing behaviour in the secondary classroom can be demanding, hard work, and for the newly qualify teacher, sometimes intimidating. In this brand new edition, experienced teacher and author Johnnie Young brings together over 100 tried and tested, practical ideas to help manage the range of difficult behaviours found in the secondary classroom.

Whether you are an experienced teacher or someone with little practical teaching experience, there are strategies in this book for you; from those that will help to resolve serious issues such as bullying and conflict in the classroom, to those that show that even the smallest changes – reducing tension in the classroom, employing the right kind of body language and using creative language to engage your students – can have a huge impact and dramatically improve behaviour.

This book has been fully revised and updated for the secondary market and has a brand new layout making the book even easier to dip in and out of and the ideas even easier to use and implement quickly.


  • Teaching tips
  • Taking it further ideas
  • Bonus ideas
  • Quotes from teachers and students

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