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Motivating Underachievers




You probably know kids at your school who seem to succeed at everything. They always get A’s, always know the answer in class, and always get the awards at the end of the school year. Not everyone can succeed at everything, but everyone can become an achiever! There are no secret formulas. It takes some work on your part. The choice is yours. But if you are willing to try, this book will show you how. Discover the seven steps to Becoming an Achiever: Self-confidence, Goal setting, Motivation, Time management and organisation, Study skills, Tests and other assessments, and Dealing with ‘The System’.

What can we do with underachievers? There is no answer, but multiple answers and strategies. Self esteem, study skills, motivation, parent/teacher collaboration… all play a role in solving the puzzle of underachievement. The purpose of this book is to share some answers by presenting a multitude of strategies that work with underachievers.

Not all strategies will work with all students; the intention is that the reader picks the ones that look as if they will be workable with an individual student in a given situation and tries them. The strategies in this book (220 in all) are numbered for easy reference. Pick and choose among them and motivate your underachievers!

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