ISBN: 9781869685768

Awesome Auditory Activities


ISBN: 9781869685768
Author(s) : Carol Duffy,
SKU: 9781869685768


This book is composed of over twenty detailed, varied and easy-to-use exercises designed to improve auditory memory skills. With today’s emphasis on visual information, many students lack essential listening and memory skills – a real problem, as accurate listening is essential for effective communication.

The activities in Awesome Auditory Activities aim to increase these skills through tasks like sequencing, following verbal instructions, memorising lists, regrouping in thought, and more. Activities are set at one of three increasing difficulty levels and each includes a teacher’s page with helpful instructions and ideas, as well as a photocopiable student’s page, which (along with a pen for students) are the only materials required.

A chart is included that allows students to track their improving auditory skills. Many of the exercises can be linked simply into existing curricular study areas.

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