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Social Thinking Frameworks Collection

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A Two-Set Collection of 26 Visual Teaching Scaffolds for Social Learning & Self-Regulation

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The social world is vast and complex, kids are complicated, and there’s so much information! Here’s where you’ll find the best of the Social Thinking® Methodology distilled into a two-set collection of our 26 core teaching frameworks for helping social learners unpack and figure out how to navigate the social world in a concrete, visual way. This powerhouse of visual teaching tools showcases our most important and popular conceptual and treatment frameworks, collected for the first time from our many books, workshops, webinars, and articles throughout the past 25 years. It’s our gift to our social community, which continues to teach and give us so much.

A Two-Set Collection of 26 Visual Teaching Scaffolds for Social Learning & Self-Regulation

The majority of teaching frameworks found in this landmark collection were first presented in published print products, webinars, articles, On-Demand courses, and conferences/livestream events that are identified on the corresponding framework. We strongly urge interventionists to explore these source products for deeper instruction, examples, and learning for using the teaching frameworks in practice.

Treatment Framework Set 1Core Practical Treatment Frameworks: Set 1

Set 1 serves two purposes: A. provides interventionists (parents, caregivers, teachers, counsellors, therapists, and other professionals) with information to unpack the needs of their social learners through 7 conceptual frameworks and B. provides 6 treatment frameworks for use with social-emotional learners. Each one of these ready-to-use visual scaffolds displays an important social concept through a user-friendly graphic on one side and step-by-step instructions and resource recommendations on the back. For interventionists, we drill down and provide guidance on educational aspects of students’ social-emotional abilities. The treatment frameworks provide structured, concrete lessons and practical strategies for direct use with students about core social-emotional concepts, such as the basic feelings and emotions scale, the size of the problem/size of the reaction, and social behaviour maps. (Also sold separately.)

Treatment Framework Set 2Practical Treatment Frameworks: Set 2

With Set 2 of this collection, help students build social competencies with 13 more of our most popular and important teaching frameworks to promote social-emotional learning and self-regulation at home, in clinic and school settings and during individual or group teaching. Each framework presents a specific, visually scaffolded graphic to introduce core social thinking concepts, such as perspective-taking, social communication, understanding and developing friendships, executive functions, and managing anxiety. The back of each teaching framework provides direct instruction for interventionists about the graphic, as well as recommended resources. Use these frameworks to provide concrete information to expand social learners’ mental blueprints for how the social world works and teach them metacognitive strategies to navigate to self-regulate within it.

Ages: 4-Adult
Format: 26 Visual Support Cards
Published: 2020

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