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ISBN: 9781785925368
Author(s) : Sally Cat
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From Anxiety to Avoidance and Masking to Meltdowns

This book is a collection of genuine insights and experiences from people living with PDA, adapted from their interactions on a popular online support group. It includes frank discussions of topics relevant to PDA, including work, relationships and managing meltdowns, making it a vital resource for both individuals and professionals.

PDA by PDAers seeks to explain the embryonic impairment label Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) from the perspectives of those who identify with PDA, the PDAers themselves, and thus provides a perspective previously lacking from the PDA discourse. Sally Cat has done this by asking a series of 20 questions in a Facebook group and publishing the responses to those questions, along with various graphs displaying survey results, Sally Cat graphic memes and series of blog posts authored by one PDAer. The chapters start with the titular topic, demand avoidance then weaves through a series of related topics from coping strategies to school and culminating with a discussion of their individual achievements. This book is aimed as easy reading for anyone interested in PDA and not as an academic resource.


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