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Learning From Autistic Teachers


In this strikingly honest collection, developed from a pioneering new research project, autistic teachers and other autistic school professionals share their stories of the challenges and successes of their careers.

ISBN: 9781839971266
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 – How to Be a Neurodiversity-Inclusive School

In this strikingly honest collection, developed from a pioneering new research project, autistic teachers and other autistic school professionals share their stories of the challenges and successes of their careers. Contributors challenge assumptions and stereotypes whilst highlighting the unique strengths autistic staff can bring to schools when their own needs are accommodated.

The book explores exclusion and identity, understanding and acceptance, intersectionality and facilitating inclusion. It also celebrates the positives that come with being an autistic teacher, such as relating to neurodivergent pupils and conveying passion and enthusiasm for a subject through intense interests, or demonstrating particular skills in school leadership. It examines how workplace setup can sometimes exclude autistic individuals and lead to skilled teachers and those in other education roles, including visiting professionals, leaving the profession, and sets out the accommodations that can prevent this from happening.


Editors: Francesca Happé, Rebecca Wood, Dr. Laura Crane, Alan Morrison & Ruth Moyse
Foreword: Dr. Laura Crane & Professor Francesca Happé
Introduction: Autism and Inclusion: Have we been looking in the wrong Direction? – Dr. Rebecca Wood


  • (1) Special Interests and Their Role in Keeping the Teacher in the Classroom – Pete Wharmby
  • (2) Dealing with Change – Alan Morrison
  • (3) Mentorship for Autistic School Staff: A Prerequisite for Career Success – Yasmeen Multani
  • (4) Inclusion isn’t just for Children: The Marginalisation of Autistic Educators due to Ableism in Schools – Kieran Rose


  • (5) Life on the Margins: A Peripatetic Perspective – Madge Woolard
  • (6) What does Autism look like? Experiences of a Mixed-Race Autistic Woman – Jade Ponnudarai
  • (7) Perspectives of a Well-Travelled Specialist Outreach Teacher in a Pupil Referral Unit – Susanna Matthan
  • (8) The Intersection of Autism, Race and Teacher Training – Eiman Munro


  • (9) An Unusual Teacher – Elkie Kammer
  • (10) Bridging the Gap: Life as an Autistic Special Educational Needs Organiser – Joan McDonald
  • (11) Working in Partnership: An Approach that benefits everyone – Dr. Ruth Moyse
  • (12) All About Us: Learning about being Autistic from my Autistic Pupils – Andrew Miller


  • (13) Autistic Teachers: Utilising their Strengths – Lucy Coward
  • (14) Navigating the Teacher Profession – Mica Jayne Coleman Jones
  • (15) How being Autistic Helps me as a School Leader: A Solution-focussed Approach – Claire O’Neill

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